Calendar blackberry not updating

Owncloud 8.x was ok (see article below), but Owncloud 9.0 is broken beyond repair (at least calendar and contacts).Use baikal for calendar and contacts sync on Blackberry 10. I have a Blackberry Z10 which runs Blackberry OS 10 as operating System.For more information, see Importing, Exporting, and Subscribing to Calendars.For Android® devices, you need to synch with the Google® Calendar associated with the Gmail® address that your Android device is using.We're seeing a lot of questions (and complaints) about Apple's i Cloud service and it's integration with Microsoft Outlook.i Cloud is supported in current versions of Outlook and with Office 365 subscriptions.Also, all of our calendar integrations (including the existing ones like Google Calendar, i Cloud, and ICS) are now available in our free Doodle version.

You can also use Calendar with your i Phone by importing, exporting, or subscribing to calendars.

My Blackberry has support for caldav and carddav build-in.

Nevertheless Blackberry’s caldav and carddav sync has some issues I need to take care of or at least must remember.

It uses the same underlying library (sabre/dav) for any webdav functionality as owncloud does. That corresponds to saying “i have a HTC M8 which runs Android 5.x” or “i own an i Phone 5s which runs i OS 7”.

Yes, baikal does not have the fancy web based calendar user interface, but baikal v2 is coming and introduces that stuff. I also use Owncloud for storing calendars and contacts.

Calendar blackberry not updating