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According to tech reports, these early amps have around 470VDC on the plates of the KT66s (indicating that the 350VAC tap was used).

These amps run at much lower voltages than the later KT66 amps, producing less power while being easier on the tubes.

· · · · · Marshall JTM 45 The Marshall JTM 45 is the first guitar ...

Reportedly, Clapton told the engineer during the Bluesbreakers sessions that he should mike the amplifier from across the room, because he intended to play it as loud as possible.

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REF 10415 Marshall Jmp50 Plexi head with original 784-1 -118 transformers Minor changes many many years ago are indicator light and logo ,this is a very clean example with original handle and feet.

This article tries to give an overview over the early Marshall 100 watt amplifiers by piecing together available information and shedding new light on transitional models from 1967. Finally, the JMP plexi faceplate replaced the earlier faceplates.