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People around you admire your sense of duty and attentiveness to those in need.

Just like Edward, you’re determined, driven, and fearlessly ambitious.

Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction, amely a 2003-mas anime alatt játszódik!

Alice Morrison hétköznapi, tizenhat éves lány, aki a mi világunk Londonjában él 2003-ban. Luego de la guerra Santa contra el Conde del Milenio, Allen Walker gano la inmortalidad tras matar al anterior Conde. 10ème : Sloth et Wrath (1er anim), Famille et rôles. Pride et sa famille d'adoption, Relations perverties.

Wasn't Winry's repair room downstairs not upstairs? " Ed finally asked rising to a seated position after being rudely awakened by the sound.

Al looked at him with a sly smirk."What's wrong with you? Al shrugged his shoulders snickering as he remembered his conversation with Winry the day before."Holy crap Winry what are you doing!

As Edward and Alphonse venture into the world, as Dogs of the Military, they secretly search for the Philosopher’s Stone so they can bring their mother back to life and return their bodies back to flesh and bone. As the Elric brothers return to the screen in a live-action adaptation, many fans have concerns.

The main one: will this movie be another live-action flop like those painful renditions of (live-action adaptation, 2006).

A homonculusok nevei eredetiben maradnak, de azok kedvéért, akik csak magyarul látták az animét, ide írom a neveket: Envy = Irigy Lust = Buja Gluttony = Falánk Pride = Büszke Greed = Kapzsi Sloth = Rest Wrath = Harag This is the story of how I died..don't worry this is a really fun story, and the truth is, it isn't even mine. I will choose not to spoil the rest, but I think that takes care of the vital cast. A seemingly innocent visit with a friend spirals out of control and leads her entire world being turned upside down. 2ème : Dante et les fils de Hohenheim, Fichue famille. Sacrificing his right arm, Edward pulls Alphonse’s soul back through the Gate of Truth and seals Alphonse’s soul to the armor.Even after a moment of defeat, the Elric brothers refuse to give up their original plan to bring back their mother.Now left with powers she barely understands and running from monsters at every turn, Sheska is protected by a single promise with the knowledge that adventures can get someone like her killed. Edward Elric, the youngest detective of his rank in the Central City Police force. They don't understand why I'm the military's attack dog, why I...