Russian woman nude whale dive

It is one of two members of the family Monodontidae, along with the unicorn tusked narwhal.

This marine mammal is commonly referred to as the beluga, melonhead, or sea canary due to its high-pitched twitter.

Her frigid tale was reported in the Daily Mail , which said she survives the dangerously cold waters through meditation and her background in yoga.

It's necessary for her to bathe au naturale, because marine biologists believe the beluga whales do not like to be touched by artificial materials, the Mail reported.

Some specific beluga populations are considered endangered.

Belugas are gregarious creatures that generally get along well with humans.

Scientists hoped the experiment would allow the 36-year-old Avseenko to have a more candid and welcoming experience with the whales.

Utrish dolphinarium openly uses wild beluga whales reportedly captured in the delta of the Amur River, where their “fattening zone is situated”.

A skinny dipping Russian researcher took a ten meter sub-zero plunge in a bid to get up close and personal with two beautiful 15 foot long beluga whales.

Scientists believe that the whales could be more friendly with humans if they swim naked - but as these pictures show the clever-looking marine mammals called Matrena and Nilma seem happy to swim with the same lady whether bears all or not.

Many animal conservationists consider the practice cruel.

The whales are considered near threatened around the world with only about 100,000 of them left.