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This video clip will strengthen the admissibility of evidence behind wartime sex slavery."Professor Kang said that the footage was discovered at the U. National Archives and Records Administration where it had been gathering dust for some 70 years.

The clip tied in with wartime records showing a dozen sex slaves being captured in Songshan by the allied forces in September 1944.

They did not translate the Korean article in English, presumably because they knew that it would be too offensive (when they want really something to be known, they'll also publish it in English on the KCNA or Rodong Sinmun website).

But why did they publish the said offensive article in Korean in the first place, considering nobody in North Korea has access to the internet except for a very small portion of the elite?

Kudos to Josh Stanton for first uncovering this crap.

Anyone who has any questions about how seriously the regime takes its racial superiority myth and doesn’t want to read 200 pages of The Cleanest Race should just take a quick look at the hate-filled filth KCNA spewed at the time of Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward’s visit to South Korea (for example “Rodong Sinmun Censures Theory of "Multiracial Society”), reminiscent of the Nürnberg rallies, or remind themselves of the North Korean practice, now technically illegal, of performing infanticide or forced abortions on pregnant North Korean women repatriated from China and suspected of carrying binational children.

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Things get complicated when they meet Crystal and Esther, two prostitutes who reveal just how deep the problem goes and set off on a dangerous mission to capture the truth.“With the use of hidden cameras and access to pimps, johns, and sex-workers, the filmmakers explore and unravel the complexity of the sex trade in Seoul.

Another woman who appears to be pregnant gently touches her bump, unaware of their fate.

Until now photographs and accounts from survivors - labelled "comfort women" by Japanese forces using the "comfort stations" - have been the only records of Korean sex slaves despite intense attempts to find evidence.

It’s a huge problem and the system isn’t really set up for them to find great opportunities for work or even shelter or anything like that.

One of the common misconceptions in Korea is this idea that these girls are doing this because they are like greedy and wanting a lot of money. If they had a choice they wouldn’t be doing it.”“All of the instances that you saw were very real.